March 21


Adventure awaits in the newest Pokemon title – Platinum!

Every day, when I come home from school, I turn on my Nintendo DS to play my favourite game: Pokémon Platinum. This new edition of the Pokémon franchise is amazing! It feels like I am really on an adventure, catching Pokémon and battling other Trainers. The new Sinnoh region is huge, and there are so many different kinds of Pokémon to catch. Plus, there are all sorts of new features in the game that make it even more exciting to play. I also play a lot of my favourite Nintendo DS games. My favourites are Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?, and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

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Introduction: What is Platinum?

Pokémon Platinum is a game created by Nintendo. It was first released on November 22, 2006, in English regions, and later on November 29, 2007, in the Japanese region. This new edition of the Pokémon franchise features all the same Pokémon from past games, but it also has brand new Pokémon to catch.

Exploration: The New Sinnoh Region

This game is set in an area called Sinnoh. It is a new region, and it has new features including the Gym Leaders, which are the Pokémon trainers who have teams of six Pokémon and battle you with them.

Battles: The New Pokemon and Mechanics

The new battle system makes it easier for players to know what moves are coming. The game also has a new system called the “Mega Evolution” where the Pokemon, instead of becoming stronger, becomes much more powerful.

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Characters: What You’ll Encounter

Professor Rowan, one of the protagonists, is a scientist who was inspired to become a Pokémon professor by his mother. His childhood friend, Ash Ketchum, is the main protagonist of “Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire”.

Extras: Bonuses and Features

The game features the same Pokémon from “Pokémon Ruby” and “Sapphire”, but they have different movesets. This is a major change from other games in the series, where previously all Pokémon had a move set identical to their previous forms.

How To Download Pokemon Platinum ROM File To Play On PC

There are several ways by which you can download the Pokemon games ROM file. One of the most trusted way is download the game from the sites which provides the direct download links.

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Conclusion: What to Expect

The Pokémon games are a series known for their quality, and this one is no different. The game is quite challenging but rather easy to understand. If you have played the previous two games in the series, you should have no problem picking up this instalment. There is hack version of Pokemon Platinum is also available. You can easily download it and play.

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