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Advantages of preparing for CBSE Exams using the NCERT Books

The National Council of Educational Research and Training known as NCERT is an autonomous institution of the Indian Government which was established in 1961 by merging seven national government institutions. It is the organization which aims at providing good study materials for the students under the CBSE board. The books are curated with utmost care in order to help the students attain a good score in the final examination irrespective of their intelligence quotient. It also improves the conceptual knowledge among students which is necessary to get a clear knowledge of the topics during their higher education too.


The main objective of NCERT is to provide high quality education to the students at primary and secondary level. CBSE and fourteen other schools have currently adopted the curriculum of the NCERT Textbooks. Class 10 and 12 exams which are conducted by the CBSE board plays a significant role in the life of students. The experience gained by the students while appearing for the exams at national level is a major takeaway. There is a common question in the mind of students on how to score good marks in the final exams? Yes, the answer to this is very genuine. Choosing the right study material is very important when it comes to preparing for such exams.

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Why are NCERT Books the Best Study Material for Exam Preparation?

  1. NCERT Books are prescribed by the CBSE board

This is the main reason why the students are suggested to refer to the NCERT Books. These books strictly adhere to the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum. The students are advised to learn the chapters using the NCERT Books as the crucial topics are covered accurately. It can also be used by the students while preparing for various competitive exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET and many more. If sufficient time is spent on learning concepts using these books, you will be able to score higher marks in the final exams.

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  1. Accurate information

The information provided in the NCERT Books are carefully monitored by the subject matter experts according to the understanding ability of the students. All the concepts are designed accurately by the faculty who possess vast knowledge in the respective field. It can be trusted by the students for its authenticity and the accuracy of concepts. If the students completely learn the concepts from these books, performing well in the examination would not be a difficult task.


  1. Strengthens the basic concepts

The NCERT Books contain explanations for all the concepts in a simple and most efficient way. By going through these books, students will obtain a strong knowledge of the fundamental concepts which are important from the exam perspective. It also helps students to cover all the minute concepts which are of high importance in the competitive exams. So students will be able to understand the applications of these concepts which would be crucial in the higher levels of education.

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  1. Most of the questions appear from NCERT Books

NCERT Books contain sufficient information which is important for the students during exam preparation. As the books are designed by highly knowledgeable experts, most of the questions in the final exams appear from these books. Students can trust these books as it is the best study material when it comes to exam preparation.


This is why NCERT Books are the best study tool for the students under the CBSE board. If students find difficulty in answering the questions from these books, they can refer to the Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions which are available on the internet today. It is present in both online and offline formats which can be accessed by the students based on their needs. The main aim of providing the solutions is to enable logical and analytical thinking among the students.

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