November 3


Advanced AI-driven MAP Monitoring & Enforcement Software For Your Business

Do you have Traffic Management Systems (TMS) in place?

The potential to save time, money and road user safety by monitoring traffic and other road user behaviour is a great reason to have a TMS in place. The great news is that there is now a comprehensive range of highway maintenance and enforcement software which can help to make your TMS stand out from the crowd.

MAP monitoring solution has become the need MAP is a highway maintenance and enforcement monitoring and enforcement system. It is easy to install, with a simple internet connection, it also allows for a high level of remote connectivity in the event of software failure.

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MAP is easy to integrate with your existing customer support, business continuity and work management systems.

We use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our MAP system. Our algorithm is based on a combination of the following factors:

• The speed of traffic

• The driving behaviour

• The road conditions

• The weather

MAP uses a combination of these factors to develop a picture of current road conditions and the potential hazard. It then uses this information to automatically record the speed of the vehicle(s) and the driver’s behaviour.

Map enforcement software (METROLINK) is a popular way of road enforcement and can save money on petrol and time by complying with road traffic laws.

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METROLINK also helps police deal with accidents and keep road users, including the driver, road users and pedestrians, safe.

Anyone with a recent telephone number will be contacted by a METROLINK officer if they are in a crash. If they have a mobile phone, it will send them a text message with the message ‘CYCLE VIOLATION! You need to report to the police’.

METROLINK officer use a hand-held device to monitor the driver’s vehicle and their speed via a speedometer. If it is found that the driver is exceeding the speed limit, the officer will receive an alert on their hand-held device.

If the driver continues to go over the speed limit then they will be asked to pull over and an officer will arrive and speak with the driver.

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The officer will check the vehicle and if they find that the driver has not been wearing a seatbelt, then they will issue a fixed penalty notice and request the person take an enhanced roadside safety awareness course.

If they have not been wearing a seatbelt they will be issued with a ticket, which they will then have to pay within seven days.

The radar and speed sensors on the speed enforcement unit are constantly scanning the roads. The latest technology in these systems allow METROLINK officers to be anywhere on the road.

If there is a problem with a vehicle which is causing a hazard to other road users, the officer will stop and speak to the driver and check if they have pulled over and are wearing a seatbelt.

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If the vehicle has no visible defects, they will ask the driver to pull over further up the road and ticket the vehicle.

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