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7 Best Free and Paid Podcast Editing Software

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Podcasting spreads rapidly and is booming, involving all fields and spheres of our life. More and more businesses and individuals start their podcasts every day because it really works. There is high competition, and to surpass your competitors, you should produce a unique, high-quality, and exciting show. All steps for producing a high-level podcast are essential, from buying appropriate equipment, recording, and editing to monetization. One of the vital steps is podcast editing, and today we are going to talk about it. After recording your draft audio, you need to do corrections, cuttings, editing, and fine-tune. Fortunately, several podcast editing software and tools out there will come up for help. Though there is a large variety of tools, you should pick one that suits you best. There is not a single perfect solution. People start podcasting with various budgets, skills, experiences, and ambitions, and of course, one should choose the right podcast editing tool according to their preferences.

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But don’t worry! Podcastle has researched for you. Check out the top free and paid podcast editing software to make the right choice.

1. Podcastle

Podcastle is a new, AI-based, and perfect audio editing solution that allows podcasters to record, edit and improve their podcast for free. Using Podcastle’s online audio editor  you will be able to:

– Divide your audio into two, three, four, and more sections.

– Edit the fade of your podcast’s intros and outros

– Trim all your audio files with only a few clicks

– Cut your record by specifying a specific period or time range

– Adjust the speed of your podcast or any audio file

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– Select and add to your high-quality podcast sound royalty-free music and sound effects.

– Remove all background noises and unpleasant voices with the help of Magic Dust.

Podcastle also provides superb features like voice to text, text to audio, text-to-podcasts, and other great features. So, whether you are a Pro, a newbie, or a hobbyist, Podcastle will be an excellent choice to make your podcast creation process free, easy, and exciting.

2. Audacity

Having its first launch in 2000, Audacity has been around for around two decades. This open-source and free editing tool works on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and allows users to combine several recordings into a pleasing composition. After mixing and editing your draft recording, you can download your final audio files into different file formats and easily share them on social media. 

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In addition, this cross-platform podcast editing software supports various plugins that will allow you to add audio effects to your recording. Using this software, you will be able to record your podcast in 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit quality. Audacity’s main helpful features are Truncate Silence, Syn-Lock, Silence finder, savable EQ, editing and storing effect chains, fading, etc.

3. GarageBand

Most newbies start with GarageBand as this software provides flexible podcast recording tools. Also, it has an easy-to-use UI, which makes it easy to navigate and understand how to create and edit a podcast. With the help of all audio editing tools that Garageband provides, the user can regulate all audio peaks and fix all mistakes they make during the recording. Garageband also has an iOS version that allows iPad and iPhone users to monitor your podcasts without accessing a Mac computer. Garageband’s main features are:

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-Recording podcasts quickly on iOS and macOS devices

-High-resolution audio recordings

– A comprehensive set of audio editing tools

-Distribution of the ready podcast on social media.

4. Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg Journalist is a DAW that is designed for radio journalists and podcasters. Hindenburg’s focus is on storytelling. With this handy software, you will be able to put together long and complex documentary-style episodes and make fine editing without being an audio production expert. This paid podcast editing software has below features: 

-A handy clipboard panel

-Shaping voices in auto-leveling & voice profiler

-Shortcut keys streamline the podcast production workflow

-Creating multiple formats in your podcast production

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5. Adobe Audition

Usually, professional podcasters don’t need an introduction to Adobe Audition because it has been an accepted standard in the podcasting realm for years. Adobe’s flexible audio recording and editing tools provide everything you’ll require to produce or manage a new show. You may choose an appropriate layout and create a multitrack recording session in case if you need to record multiple voices.

Adobe Audition is a mixing and mastering software for professionals with:

-A large variety of royalty-free audio tracks to spice up your episodes

-Podcasting templates for multitrack recordings

-Noise reduction features

6. Studio One

Another option for an innovative podcast editing tool is Studio One. It is created especially for musicians, podcasters, and those who deal with sound. The handy single-window interface and drag-and-drop processing make recording and editing a pleasure. PreSonus does many premium upgrades and packages for additional possibilities to the free version.

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Below are the main features:

-A single-window workplace

– Drag-and-drop option.

– Nine native effects plugins

– 1 GB of circle and sample material

7. Fission

Fission is another flexible podcast editing software that provides various helpful audio editing tools to make the editing procedure easier. Fission works with Audio Hijack and allows the users to the podcast and modify them in Fission before sending them to the hosting site. You may merge, chop, and fade multiple files, keeping the quality of your records. It is possible to divide your podcast into chapters. With Fission, you can publish all your audio files directly to SoundCloud, which is a perfect solution for podcasters using this platform.

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Summing Up

With the fast-developing technologies, you can find more and more tools every month, and of course, this is not the complete list. Still, we highlighted the top ones. With the help of the best podcast editing tools mentioned above, you will make high-quality content and gain a large audience no matter which one you choose.

Good Luck!

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