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7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad Users

Drawing digitally can be a tough skill to attain for many individuals and especially when you are trying it out on an iPad. But if you have the right guidance and access to some of the best digital technology drawing apps then it can let you create artistic figures and forms easily. So if you are an artist who is looking for ways to put your passion to good use then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we’re going to speak about approximately 7 first-rate drawing apps for iPad users.

7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad Users:


Procreate is with no doubt one of the satisfactory drawing apps for iPad users. This app has proven to be a complete package for all the artists who love drawing and are interested in manipulating their work in different ways. The app offers ample canvas options and is quite straightforward.

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  • It offers pre-made designs that let you jog your creativity.
  • It has built-in tools set where you get access to over 130 brushes to choose from.
  • Similarly, it offers customizable Apple Pencil’s properties including size, smoothing, bleed, tilt, etc.

So if you are an artist who is looking for a perfect app to take your creativity to a next level then Procreate is the answer. Check out the Best Procreate Training Classes which you may additionally be fascinated in.


Procreate is available at a price of $9.99.

Adobe Illustrator Draw:

Adobe illustrator is a pretty on-hand app that gives extraordinary codecs to pick from. This app is thought to be a strong preference for lots of iPad users. The app additionally offers a 30-2nd intro earlier than you begin operating on it.

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2 162 - 7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad Users


  • Adobe illustrator offers both portrait and landscape modes.
  • It has multi-layer support and lets you create customizable brushes for drawing purpose.
  • Similarly, it has a time-lapse feature that you can use once you have been drawing for a while now.


This app is free to use.

Linea Sketch:

Linea Sketch is a very feasible drawing app for iPad users that is fun and simple to use. It offers a good sketching and drawing experience to its users. Similarly, in Linea Sketch, you get the option to adjust stroke size and have a pre-set of 5 layers that all the drawing lovers can draw on.

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  • It gives colour units that include each shiny and darkish colours to app layout colors.
  • Users get the option to create their custom palette.
  • Similarly, you furthermore may get the choice to turn your canvas each horizontally and vertically.


This app is free to use.

Adobe Fresco:

Adobe Fresco is a drawing app this is particularly designed for iPad and Apple pencil users. With the help of this tool, drawing artists can create raster and vector-based drawings. With that, they also get the option to mix them up together. The best thing about this drawing app is that all your drawings will be synced across platforms and that includes your desktop as well.

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  • With the help of Adobe Fresco you get access to a good mix of tools that include pixel and vector brushes.
  • It offers smudge tools and even shapes.
  • Similarly, it lets you insert text boxes and you can choose the font size and style accordingly.


Adobe Fresco is free to use.

Affinity Designer:

This is a very fun-filled iPad drawing app that is used by a variety of artists to create logos and designs. Though it is a little expensive but it lives up to the same professional mindset it has been created for in the first place. Affinity Designer supports the creation of digital and printed art as well.

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  • It offers a wide toolkit range that has around 100 brushes.
  • Affinity designer has canvases that support up to 120fps of scaling.
  • If you use this app with Apple pencil then it would give out full functionality and leads to an amazing drawing experience.


Affinity designer is a little pricey and is available at a price of $19.99.

Autodesk Sketchbook:

If you require excellent drawing tools along with a user-friendly design and good integration then Autodesk sketchbook is what you need. This app has around 190 brushes in its toolkit. From legacy brushes to designer ones, you get access to all types of brushes. Similarly, this app’s design is packed with swift animations.

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3 95 - 7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad Users


  • This app allows seamless switching between tools and design and layer editor through the tap of a button.
  • It offers other tools like rulers, guides, symmetry, etc which add more power to this app.
  • As soon as you are done with your drawing, it can be easily stored in dropbox.


Autodesk sketchbook is free to use.

Comic Draw:

Comic Draw is such an app that is entirely focused on drawing comics. This app comes with a free 14-day trial where you get the option to start your comic drawing journey. It has a quick start guide where you understand all about how to use this app.

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  • It offers multiple layouts and even offers a manga layout.
  • It has a set of tools consisting of different brushes and textboxes containing comic-like stylized lettering.
  • Similarly, it has the ever classic comical dialogue bubbles as well.


Comic Draw is free to use.


To all the iPad users out there who are interested in drawing, the above list of the 7 best drawing apps for iPad users is worth looking for. These paid and free apps are a great source for all artists to continue their drawing journey on their iPads. Therefore, choose the best drawing app for yourself today and never stop learning.

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