December 6


6 Tips on How to Buy Weed Online

The advancement of technology is making lots of lives better. Among other things, shopping online is now a people’s choice with their items delivered to their doorstep. Buying weed online has never been as easy as it currently is. 

Initially, people were scared of stepping into a physical marijuana store, probably because of societal stigma. Getting weed is faster, convenient with lots of benefits attached. 

Are you a newbie to buying weed online? Here are a few tips to help you navigate purchasing weed online.

  • Search for the Nearest Cannabis Dispensary Close to you

If you’re a newbie and still struggling to find a convenient store to get cannabis, some sites list online stores to buy cannabis. They can help you find the right stores nearby, with a home delivery option, and go ahead to compare prices between two stores so you can choose which one you need. 

You can also confirm which dispensaries sell only medical cannabis or both medical and recreational cannabis. Such information is available without restriction online. 

  • Confirm the state of your Residence has Legalized Weed Purchase

As exciting as weed is, some states do not agree with the sale of weed, and therefore, marijuana is still banned there. Some of these states include Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, etc. if you’re a resident in one of these states, you should understand that buying weed is still illegal, as only medical marijuana is licensed for sale.

Still insistent on buying, ensure it does not cross through FDA border patrols. If they do, they might be impounded, and you won’t get anything. You can Learn more about weed vape products here-

  • Search for Reviews, Licenses at the Online Store you’ve Chosen

For states which have legalized recreational weed for sale, every store which offers weed for sale must have a license. Confirm you’re not being scammed by checking the store’s license, especially for stores that you’re patronizing for the first time. For example, all stores in California and Oklahoma are licensed by the state government, and such licenses can be confirmed on the government website.

Take time to search for reviews about the store before making a purchase. It is possible that another customer has patronized the business and dropped a review. Ratings from other consumers and reviews are essential to help you make decisions and get the best from any dispensary you choose to patronize.

  • Make Findings by Speaking to the Customer Support of the store

There are different recreational weed strains available, with each of them exerting other effects on the user. The attendant at the store can listen to your needs and suggest a strain for you to try out.

Whatever the issue you need weed for, these people called Budtenders are trained to recommend a strain that will benefit you. 

  • Check Ratings for each Strain

As stated, strains on display for sale give different effects to the user. Some stores have devised a system of rating the strains based on after-effects and their quality. The system ranks it from low to high. 

For example, a strain with an AAA rating has good quality. Strains with A are the lowest, while those with AAAAA are the highest. This rating is essential to help the user choose depending on their budget for the weed. 

While this may not be applicable everywhere, since recreational weed is still illegal on the federal level, this rating does not determine the effects of the strain on the end-user. 

  • Check and Confirm the Store’s Delivery Plans

Many dispensaries offer delivery services to deliver your strain directly to your doorstep. These stores are usually the oldest and understand the business properly to bring your weed product to your location. 

To ensure that their delivery system is perfect, confirm that their packaging condition hides the contents away from prying eyes and guarantees the freshness of the weed when it finally gets to you. The online store directory is still helpful in this regard to help you make informed decisions. Don’t forget to ask how long it takes to deliver the weed to your location. 

How to Select the Right Strain

New users of cannabis may be at a loss on which strain to choose for their needs. Many cannabis strains in the market can confuse new users. Each of the strains has a particular purpose which is not to be mistaken for another. 

There are two best ways to get the best strain;

  • Speak to a regular user of cannabis that can suggest strains for you;
  • Talk to a budtender.

As with all medical advice, you should start with the lowest dose to checkmate any possible side effects. If there are no side effects or they’re insignificant, you can move ahead to higher doses.


While the marijuana industry is still operating within a grey area because the Federal government has refused to legalize it, purchasing weed online has come to stay. Don’t forget that having more than 2 ounces on your person at a time can be termed a federal offense, and you can get jail time for that. Patronize only licensed stores with a tested and trusted delivery system.

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