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4 Tips to Organize a Small Room From Organizing Pros

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If you’re somebody who moved to an apartment in a bigger city or even a popular––but expensive––town, you probably had to come to terms with having to live in a smaller space in order to afford rent or a mortgage. Living in a small room might begin to feel cramped, especially if you own a lot of belongings. Don’t let the lack of organization get the best of you. If you’re struggling to keep your room well organized and put together due to it being small and void of good storage options, we’ve got some good news. You don’t need a large closet to maximize your storage space. Having good storage is beneficial for a few reasons, especially if you eventually need to sell your house fast. Here are some tips from the pros:

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Purge What’s Unnecessary

Before diving deep into adding new storage, try removing some of your belongings that don’t serve much of a purpose these days. Whether it be clothes, appliances, decorations, or random items, the less you own, the better. It’s difficult to say goodbye to your belongings, but if it’s not serving a purpose, what’s the point of keeping it around? Compile all of your unnecessary belongings and either sell them, donate them, or throw them out.

Place things Under Your Bed

Beds are an underrated option for storage. Depending on the height of your bed, you can use the underneath to store a variety of different things. On the more simple side, store things that aren’t in season, like winter jackets, boots, swimsuits, etc. If your bed is higher, you can use it for more everyday storage. Put a short dresser underneath or use bins to keep things organized and separated. The best thing about under the bed storage is that it doesn’t require you to take up extra space on the floor like an additional dresser would.

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Vertical Storage

Speaking of avoiding using additional floorspace, why not look upwards for better storage? What we mean by this is using vertical options as a way to create additional means of organization. One option is simply installing new wall shelves or hooks for a variety of different items like hats, bags, jewelry, books, and more! You can also use the backs of doors as well. We see this oftentimes in closets for things like shoes, but you can realistically use this storage idea for any small to medium sized item!

Purchase Baskets

Baskets can be a useful and chic way to keep your space free of clutter. Depending on what you need to store, you can purchase these in a variety of different sizes. For instance, if you don’t have enough room for all of your shoes, you can use a basket to keep them all in one place. Baskets are also good for things like cleaning supplies, pants, jewelry, medicine, and hardware. Having a designated spot for a certain type of item will help keep your space clean and well organized.

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When organizing your room, it’s important to do so intentionally. At the end of the day, you know your own living style and should tailor your organization habits around that. Start from the bottom and get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need. Then, move onto the more technical part of using your resources to get organized. Underneath your bed and your walls are a great place to start. After you get organized, your living situation will feel so much nicer.

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