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4 Tips on How to Write a Music Review Paper

If you have never written a review before, you may run into some difficulties. To avoid them, you can order an example of a music review, leaving a request ‘write my paper for me’ on a service like Mypaperforme. Here, a writer who has experience in writing such papers will write you the most interesting review. But if you want to try writing a review yourself, then use our tips.

Difference between review, overview, and critique

  • A review is a critical assessment of music (for example, an album). In a review paper, you can describe your impressions, share your emotions, and recommend or not recommend a work for listening.
  • An overview is a general summary. Here we unbiasedly retell the content and the main idea, allowing the reader to decide for themselves whether they want to listen to it or not.
  • Critique is almost the same as review, but it can only be written by a knowledgeable person. For example, one musician writes a critique for another. And if an ordinary listener does this, even if they are great connoisseurs of music and consider themselves experts, it will be just a review.
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What is the standard volume of reviews?

  • Informal feedback on the site – from a few words to a few sentences.
  • Music reviews are traditionally about 500-1200 words. They can be read in a few minutes to make a decision: to listen or not to listen to music.
  • Critique review from a musician takes one to four pages. It can be placed in a music magazine, newspaper, or music website.
  • Review article in volume ranges from 8 to 40 thousand words (this is about 15-100 pages).

Tips for writing a music review paper

  1. Read other reviews. This is how you train your inner literacy. Pay attention to what phrases and words other critics use to write reviews. Even if you write according to the template, this is normal. Over time, you train and be able to freely express your thoughts.
  2. Remember the difference between review and overview. In the first, you can write about your own emotions and feelings; in the second, you need to strive for objectivity.
  3. Avoid spoilers for music. Even if you don’t like the work, you don’t need to deprive the fans of the pleasure.
  4. Try to abstract and look at music from the outside. Maybe you didn’t like the album because it’s not your genre, not because it’s so bad. You can end the review with the phrase I would recommend this__ to…
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Music review sample

Kanye West’s “Donda” is finally out. Here is our collective review of it

The main musical novelty of 2021 — the album “Donda” by Kanye West — appeared on streaming platforms on August 29. At the same time, the musician did not seem to give permission for the release. In any case, we have already listened to it, and we pass a short verdict. Since we are talking about Kanye’s album, don’t be surprised if we rewrite this verdict several times later. Or we’ll delete it.

Summary: we drafted the review for “Donda” as early as August 4, expecting Kanye to release the album on time for once. It didn’t work out. Over the past three and a half weeks, he managed to re-record the album several times, change the stadium, and arrange several shows, including self-immolation and remarriage to Kim Kardashian, without really promising anything.

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As a result, the album appeared on streaming platforms on August 29. Judging by Kanye’s Instagram, he did not allow Universal to release the disc, and in general, they deleted his track “Jail pt 2” (although it is on the tracklist, you can listen to it).

The fact that so many people were waiting for the release of Kanye’s album was unexpected. Kanye seemed to be fed up with everyone two years ago when “Jesus Is King” came out: going into religion, giving up obscene language, all these eternal transfers and refusals, throwing back and forth around the world in search of the right sound and other creative folly even then they overshadowed, in fact, the content (very bad, if you listen closely) and finally tired.

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The sun is a star, the sparrow is a bird, and the sky is blue, Kanye, from the release of the next album, is sure to put on a performance. Like another traffic generator from music, he has become as predictable as possible in this unpredictability; it is high time to give up.

All those masks, stadium moans, fire shows, gym, and live sleep – this is the tenth season of the reality show should get boring. But no, we are all watching that show, and another presentation of “Donda” breaks all streaming records.

And it seems that it’s not just that it’s just an entertaining show and people enjoy watching a generally wealthy and successful creator suffer (both physically and mentally). Here it is worth returning to West’s failed presidential campaign in 2020. Then, having renounced Trump (whose MAGA cap he wore to everyone’s shock two years earlier), he decided to try his luck in the fight for the White House, although it was obvious that this was absolutely pointless within the current political system.

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But it is not the point. The main thing is the program. Here are obligatory prayers in schools, support for art and creativity, and foreign policy and justice in the courts – all accompanied by appropriate quotations from the Bible.

Add to this his negative attitude towards compulsory vaccination and his approval of the ban on abortion. The output is a portrait of a confused adult of the 2020 model when there is no faith in anyone but God.

And the album “Donda” is his personal “Vote or Lose” (it’s even strange that he still does not have the song “Vote God”). Or it is his personal manifesto, better and louder than on the same “Kanye for President” website. The music remains in the background with all the talk about Kanye and his views and actions.

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It’s all. Now you know how to write a music review paper correctly. Good luck!

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