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12 Types of Jewelry for Different Necklines

The right type of jewelry can enhance any look. But things are not that easy when you need to find the perfect necklace for your neckline.

Hundreds of intricate designs, styles, and necklace options can throw you off. That’s why you must understand what necklace may suit your dress for the evening.

Simple necklaces are a part of every woman’s wardrobe. However, you should not wear them as an escape from wearing something new. So, if you’re wearing the same piece of jewelry every day, it’s time to up your styling game.

Necklines and Matching Jewelry

For those who don’t know, “Neckline” is a shape made by your shirt around your neck. It is the top edge of the dress surrounding your neck. And different shapes and sizes of necklines call for different types of matching jewelry.

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Now, when you have so many dresses with different necklines, knowing about the matching jewelry, especially the necklace, is crucial. And if you can’t pick the right one, better check this post.

Take a look at these necklace options that can look great with different necklines.

1.   V-Shaped Necklines

When wearing a V-neck, look for matching V shaped necklace options. Your necklace should be a smaller V that neatly fits inside the V neckline.

Avoid wearing necklaces that are longer or wider than your V-neck. That way, the neckline will have a rival and can lose its charm. Otherwise, you can wear diamond stud earrings to complement the neckline.

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2.   Crew Necklines

Choosing a crew neck can shorten your neckline. Thus, your chest may appear fuller. When styling a dress with a crew neckline, go for a shorter necklace such as collars.

Choose a sparkly necklace and add the right amount of bling to your look. For instance, crew necklines paired with a glittery tennis necklace can offer the most flattering look. Then, complement it with small earrings.

Or perhaps you can select a longer necklace coupled with stud earrings to draw more attention to your diamond jewelry.

3.   Round-Shaped Necklines

Round necklines go with round necklaces. It is as simple as it seems. Ideally, you should wear round necklaces that can fit inside the neckline. It will not only elevate your look but may highlight the neck of your neck perfectly.

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In contrast, if you opt for a longer round necklace, ensure the jewelry extends the neckline. That’s because necklaces on top of necklines don’t appear as neat.

4.   Scoop Necklines

Scoop necks bring your collarbone into the limelight. Choose a short and round necklace for a classic look.

This neckline also complements long necklaces. However, your necklace should not extend too low since it may leave plenty of space above your neckline. When styling your scoop neck outfit, choose statement pieces like bib or fringe necklaces.

5.   High Necklines

High necklines serve the most iconic looks. But you should be careful when styling them. That’s because if you choose a choker or short necklace, your jewelry may compete with the neckline, and you may not like it.

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After all, what’s the point of wearing a high neckline when it isn’t visible?

So, choose a lariat or rope necklace and fashion your look like a pro. Match it up with stud earrings featuring real or lab-created diamonds.

6.   Halter Necklines

Halter tops are renowned for showing off your shoulder so they can appear slimmer and more toned. Similarly, wearing a long V-shaped necklace can make you look taller and adds the right amount of charm to your outfit. While you wear earrings, try a diamond pendant or diamond tennis bracelet for a trendier look.

7.   Turtle Necklines

Turtle necks can become overcrowded if you wear shorter necklaces. For an eye-catching look, choose long layered necklaces or long chains with pendants.

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8.   Sweetheart Necklines

Sweetheart necklines are a beauty on their own. So, when styling your look, make sure you don’t take away the attention from the curves of your sweetheart neckline. Stay away from necklaces with sharp angles and opt for dainty necklaces that lie a few inches above the neckline.

9.   Square-Shaped Necklines

If you have a stunning jawline, square necklines can be a great choice to accentuate your features. However, styling your outfit can be tricky since these necklines have sharp lines. Ideally, you can choose necklaces with edges, such as chains with rectangular or square pendants.

10.Boat Necklines

Boat necks widen your shoulders. To complete your look, you can select necklaces that can add length and draw attention inward. For instance, a matinee or princess necklace with a pendant can add the right amount of drama to your outfit.

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11.Cowl Necklines

Cowl necks deserve all the attention, so you should never accessorize your look with overpowering necklaces. Instead, go for statement pieces that lie above the neckline and do not sit on top. You can also opt for light pendants to have a cleaner look.

In contrast, if your cowl neck is too high, diamond earrings can be a more appropriate styling option.

12. Collared Shirts

The collar on a button-down shirt is itself an embellishment. So, choosing necklaces can be troublesome. However, an elegant and simple necklace can be a wonderful choice.

But if you wish you wear a statement necklace, make sure the jewelry sits within your collar’s opening.

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Tips to Wear Necklaces with Different Necklines

Although we have shared various suggestions for matching necklaces with many necklines, a few additional tips can make your life easier. Before you pull out any necklace, ask yourself these three important questions:

Why Do You Want to Wear a Necklace?

Necklaces are just more than decorative jewelry. Instead, they can express your style. So, if you want to wear a necklace to steal the show, go for shimmery necklaces that glisten throughout the event. Wear statement pieces to elevate your look, or choose necklaces that can highlight your features.

Where Do You Want to Draw the Most Attention?

The length of your necklace is critical. Naturally, most eyes may fall where your necklace ends. So, you must consider what you want people to notice more.

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What is the Shape of Your Outfit’s Neckline?

Neckline shapes play a vital role when you’re choosing necklaces.

  • Match your necklace shape to the neckline shape you’re wearing
  • Don’t wear longer necklaces if your neckline is already low
  • Don’t add heavy or statement necklaces to busy necklines
  • Don’t leave empty space between your neckline and necklace
  • Use necklaces to narrow wider necklines
  • Avoid wider necklaces on narrow necklines

Final Thoughts

Women love to wear jewelry to elevate their looks or flaunt their style. You can look your best with the right jewelry choice and bag all the compliments. So, use these tips and wear your favorite necklaces with your dresses, shirts, or blouses.

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