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10 Effective Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Medical Practice

Like all industries, marketing has become a crucial part of the healthcare industry. Practical medical practice marketing approaches can help medical practitioners achieve several short and long-term objectives.

With a well-balanced mix of marketing techniques, you can stand apart from the competition and be at the forefront of your target audiences’ minds. This is crucial for medical practices due to modern healthcare seekers’ highly demanding approach.

“A strong marketing plan can help you transform an empty waiting room into a full one.” Says experts.

However, as a beginner, you may likely find it overwhelming to plan and steer an elaborate marketing strategy for the long run, along with fulfilling your primary professional duties.

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Worry not! To help you get started, we have listed the ten best marketing strategies that have proven incredibly beneficial for small and big medical setups. Read on to know more.

Excellent Medical Practice Marketing Strategies To Dominate Your Local Market

1. Upgrade to a responsive website

As per a recent study, nearly 60% of internet users will quit scrolling through a website if it fails to meet the ‘mobile responsiveness’ criteria.

The first and foremost action toward building a sustainable digital presence is optimizing your website according to mobile responsive design principles.

This strategy improves patients’ navigation experience leading to more calls and offers multiple SEO benefits as per google’s latest algorithm.

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2. Optimize for Search Engines

Once you get mobile responsiveness sorted, it is time to improve your search engine rankings with other strategic SEO practices.

Some of the best SEO techniques to bring up your rankings include-

  • Content optimization and strategic keyword placement.
  • Image optimization.
  • Meta tags update.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • Solving crawl errors.

3. User Experience Optimization

No matter how strong your search engine rankings are, if the website visitors are not satisfied with your website, it will negatively impact their minds, ultimately preventing them from booking an appointment.

Hence, the next step, i.e., user experience optimization, is one of the most critical aspects of medical practice marketing.

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Ensure your site is fast loading, easy to navigate, and relevant information is placed at appropriate places to create a positive navigation experience. This can help you maximize your patient calls and conversion rate.

4. Build A Brand

While individual strategies can help you achieve short-term objectives, you need a robust omnichannel branding strategy to establish a strong foothold in the marketing landscape.

Make efforts to build a powerful brand image by regularly posting relevant content on your website, social media platforms, and other important digital platforms.

This medical practice marketing strategy plays a colossal part in building a sense of familiarity and trust amongst potential patients. Eventually, it places you as an industry expert with enhanced credibility and an improved reputation.

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5. Utilize Video Marketing

Health-related content is an excellent tool for driving leads to your social platforms. However, the written form content can often confuse consumers or bore them.

Therefore, many medical practice marketing experts recommend shifting to video-based content marketing.

Healthcare videos are easy to understand and engage with, drastically improving patient engagement. Moreover, video platforms like Youtube also open up a new arena for optimizing your search rankings beyond Google.

6. Leverage Patient Reviews

Some studies conclude that approx 88% of healthcare seekers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This portrays the vitality of leveraging patient reviews in your marketing efforts.

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Collect patient feedback via your website or emails and display them on your social platforms. In addition to that, you should also follow a quick response strategy towards patient reviews.
Whether positive or negative, you should respond to feedback as soon as possible. You can convince an unsatisfied patient to give you a second chance and further impress a satisfied one.

Plus, this also leaves a positive impact on potential patients’ minds.

7. Build A Social Community

Nearly 67% of internet users spend a minimum of 10-12 minutes of their time on social media daily, out of which 41% admit that social media content plays a part in impacting their choice of hospital or medical practices.

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Hence, there is no way you can dissent the importance of social media in today’s marketing world. Social media marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of medical marketing that delivers excellent ROI at very reasonable costs.

8. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Regardless of how compelling your branding and marketing are, the patient retention rate and the sustainability of your practice’s growth ultimately depend on your customer service.

Customer service is a holistic concept that begins when a potential patient calls you for inquiry. Therefore, all your employees should be trained to create and maintain an excellent service experience throughout the patient journey.

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9. Consider Expanding Your Horizons

Once you get a grip of healthcare marketing, it is time to move past the prominent marketing practice mentioned above and try something new for your practice.

One of the most effective approaches you can try is ‘doctor referrals.’ These recommendations help add extra leverage to your marketing practices, and an alliance with other practices can prove incredibly beneficial for establishing solid industrial relationships.

You can also choose to expand your services. Telehealth, e.g., has gained massive popularity amidst the pandemic, including that your service list can play a positive part in expanding your horizons and driving more patients

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10. Hire Marketing Experts

Juggling everyday responsibilities and maintaining a marketing strategy is not easy, especially in today’s evolving healthcare marketing environment.

Hiring an expert medical practice marketing company can help remove all the marketing burdens from your shoulders.

These experts are a trusted group of individuals with unique specializations. They will handle all your marketing endeavors seamlessly and help you create and maintain effective, results-generating marketing plans that best meet your requirements.

Concluding Note

Using the above-mentioned medical practice marketing strategies can help you get prompt results and improve your overall brand image in the long run. If you are still confused about where to get started with your healthcare marketing, contact our experts at Practice builders today!

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We will help you devise a marketing plan that boosts your patient inflow grows revenue, and places you as an industry expert with a robust online reach.

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